Schedule Information

Make-up Classes

We understand that students will get sick, go on vacation, or otherwise have to miss a class at some point during their martial arts career. We don’t want you to miss out on class time, so make-up classes are available for classes that are missed. Just select the Make-up tab under the Class Schedule tab, and fill out the requested information. Please be sure to double check the student’s age group and whether it is an advanced class, as we cannot allow belts below blue with white stripe into an advanced class. If you need any assistance with the make ups, feel free to check with your Sensei.

Permanent Schedule Changes

When you sign up at the American Academy of Martial Arts you select a set schedule for your classes, and it stays the same week to week. If you ever need to change your schedule, just see your Sensei and they will get you a schedule change form to fill out and turn in. All schedule changes must be approved by the Office prior to changing.

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