AAMA Student Motto

We here at the American Academy of Martial arts aren’t just teaching self defense, we are also teaching how to get ahead in life. Many of the lessons learned at our school can be applied to many different situations. From doing well in school, meeting new friends, or getting that good job, Martial arts has many benefits. These are some of the expectations that we put on our students to help them succeed wherever they put their mind to it.

Student Motto:

  1. I will be friendly and treat others as I would like to be treated.
  2. I will try hard and give my best effort.
  3. I will be serious.

Safety First:

The last section of the student motto (“I will be serious”) while the shortest of the three is definitely not the least important. It goes hand in hand with our number one rule, which is “Safety First”. We push our students to do their best at all times, but not at the expense of their safety or the safety of others. We have adult black belt instructors in every class, supervising and making sure that safety is always the top priority.

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