Student Notebook

We require all of our students to have a martial arts notebook where they can keep track of all of their activities related to martial arts.

Within this notebook, a student can keep a log or journal of what they have learned and accomplished during each testing cycle.

This notebook is also great for future reference as students gain higher belts and need to remember techniques learned in the past.

A notebook can be any 3-ring binder, new or used. However, it should now only be used for martial arts as it will need to be turned in at least once a year as a testing requirement.

Written Goals

It is commonly thought that writing down your goals is an important step on the road to achieving them. We at the American Academy of Martial Arts share that mindset, which is why we have it at the top of our list.

Goals are our vision of the future. They are what we want to learn, improve on, and accomplish. They are great motivational tools that keep you striving for growth. You should have several short, mid, and long term goals at all times. When updating or reviewing your notebook, if you realize you have achieved a goal, be sure to set a new one. Written goals are a fundamental building block to your success.

Practicing at home is also very important. When you practice at home, you will show noticeable improvements in your skills. A well written notebook gives you a valuable source of reference on which to draw upon.

What you should include in your notebook

  1. A list of written goals
  2. Dated entries: have a documented timeline
  3. Arrange and categorize the notebook so it is organized
  4. A journal of important class topics and discussions
  5. Past testing requirements
  6. Any awards or special recognition earned
  7. Katas, Drills, and techniques learned
  8. Pictures of you in action, or receiving belts or awards
  9. Recommendations from instructors on improvements needed
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