When our son started karate five years ago, he had trouble focusing, following directions, and even standing still. The instructors at AAMA were always caring and focused on his success. They struck the balance of patient, supportive, and demanding he needed to learn discipline, body control, and confidence. What he has learned at AAMA has helped him in other parts of his life, including academics. We strongly recommend AAMA to anyone considering starting their kids in the martial arts.

Eric P.

My son has been a student since 2007

As a long time practitioner of AAMA(in my eyes and span of life), many fond memories of mine originate from this school.

High quality instruction, good quality materials, enforceable standards and an amazing staff has led to the continued success of the AAMA schools. I appreciate their assistance to me in my life in helping create who I am.

Chase B.

It’s been a while since I’ve been over there, but I used to be taught here at this school, karate and for a little while arnis. It was a lot of fun whether or not we were doing regular practice or running a drill of it all in an obstacle course. I had made it to red belt, before I stopped a few years ago because of expenses, but I would love to go back sometime.

Stephanie A.

I love AAMA! When the week begins, I always look forward to coming. You will make friends easily and everyone looks out for each other. I would highly recommend the AAMA if anyone asked me!!!

Dian B.

Master Tom and all of the black belt instructors are great. I enjoy the friendly environment and the encouragement to push myself and learn more. I would recommend this school to any of my friends and family.

Alejandro C.

Student since 2013

I love the instructors and the lessons this school instills in their students. My sons been going to the Fresno school for over 2 years now and we wouldn’t go anywhere else. I highly recommend if you want to teach your children respect, responsible, self assurance, and self defense.

Teddie S.

We have had a great experience with AAMA Clovis. My kids are showing signs of more self control and confidence since joining six months ago. They enjoy working with Master Tom and respect him greatly. We wouldn’t think to take them anywhere else.

Amber M.

My son has been here just over 3 months and absolutely loves coming. He looks forward to his Karate nights. Highly recommended for parents looking for an opportunity to introduce matrial arts and discipline into their childs life!

Mae C.

My son Nathan attends the Fresno school and loves it! Sensei Jeff works very well with children!!!

Jamie T.

My son began lessons at AAMA when he was ten. It’s the best decision we ever made. AAMA taught him self confidence in a safe and fun environment. The kids learn at their own pace and everyone is treated with respect regardless of their mastery level. Parents are allowed to stay and watch the classes which, to me, is proof positive the instructors can be trusted. I highly recommend AAMA for children of all ages and fitness levels.

Heather L.

Son has been a student since 1995

Highly recommended. I see a huge difference in my sons confedence in self defendece. And noticed respect towards others.im a Very proud and happy daddy. And the martial arts instructor are great with children.BIG WOW.Must see for your self. I also had my daughter there at American academy martial arts ten years ago and the results where absolutely amazing.

Jose R.

My son has been going to the Clovis location since he was 6. I always get compliments from his teachers and other adults about how polite and respectful he is. I know that AAMA has a lot to do with that.

Joe G.

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