First installment of Training @ Home

AAMA members can now connect and practice at home via our new youtube channel listed below.

Students need to start a workbook and log all their training days and the amount of time they trained each day. Practicing at home will help them prepare for their next belt promotion evaluations. Students should practice at least twice a week for a minimum of 20-30 minutes each time. Younger students may require supervision. For updates on new content please “Subscribe” and stay tuned to our youtube channel!

Weekly Lesson Plans for Home

We have implemented a weekly Video series of training routines for practicing at home. Please click on the Home Practice Log below to keep track of your practicing.

Home Practice Log

See youtube link to connect to Video content.

Covid19 Update

Friends and Family of the AAMA

As of March 17th 2020 the American Academy of Martial Arts will be following the Presidential Coronavirus and CDC Guidelines posted below. At this time we expect classes to resume on or before March 31st 2020. For you safety going forward we will be cleaning all the school surfaces with professional cleaning products from Kennedy Industries that are designed to kill the Covid19 Virus as well as many others.
We too are saddened by the current circumstances that we are all faced with and we take any interruption of your training very seriously. But out of an abundance of caution we feel it is the prudent course of action to take. We need to listen to the advice of the Medical experts. Be safe out there!
Most students already have the next testing Warm ups, Aikido rolls, Bag technique, etc and can always practice safely at home. Once classes commence we will make every effort to get our students back on track with their training, including opening Saturdays class times and allowing extra make up classes. This is only temporary and we will get through it.
If you have any questions or concerns please call
Clovis-559-297-7415, Fresno-559-222-2772 or email us

We greatly appreciate and thank you for your support.